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Peace of mind

No chlorine, no ammonia, no caustic chemicals, concentrated, less waste. Do you want peace of mind? Trishb.toxinchecklist.com

Four types of wellness to be achieved

By being melaleuca, we can obtain four types of wellness: physical, personal, financial, and environmental. Live longer and healthier. Achieve balance in personal and family life. Secure your financial freedom. Make environments and homes safer. All with one company.

Toxic homes… Is yours one?

Does your home have harmful toxins? Trishb.toxinchecklist.com

All Natural Cleaner

Have you ever tried to get out heavy-duty stains? Like Soda or nail polish or permanent marker?

As a full-strength product, you can remove just about anything.

As a diluted product, you can use this to clean everyday items, and for regular cleaning.

As diluted, you can also spray into the air as a deodorizer, to eliminate odors, not cover them up.

This product is natural and environmentally-friendly. Itr does not contain ammonia, bleach or other harmful chemicals.

The best part – you don’t have to worry about wearing gloves or making sure there is enough air flow. It’s completely safe, 100% guaranteed, and has a fresh smell.

Hosting a Giveaway to Promote

I will be hosting a giveaway, to introduce people to some great products, natural-bases, and environmentally friendly.

Please leave a comment for me and how I can reach you, to get your information.

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