The Run-Down

I know that there are many of you out there who see this blog and these posts and sometimes truly wonder “what the hell is she talking about!?”

In 2007, I was introduced to this company and fell in love with it immediately. I decided I would become a preferred customer, place my orders, enjoy my products, and maybe try to get others interested in the products… and the possibility of residual income.

This is actually an awesome opportunity and a great company. It’s difficult, in this time, to tell people about something like this, without them turning away.

Ask yourself…

How often do you go to the grocery store or warehouse store?

What do you pay in gas?

How much time do you spend “shopping’?

Do you truly know what you are buying?

If something is bad or doesn’t work, do you take it back? Consider the time and cost to do that. (If you’re like me, I’m too lazy and it just sits there… as if I’m hoping it will return itself)

Do you get free products?

Is everything 100% guaranteed? (Including your membership fee?)

I asked myself these questions and have come to realizations. I spend way too much time and money at the store. I hate lugging bags to the car, to the house, etc. I really dislike traffic and the fact that gas keeps going up.

So why would I pass up something that works for me?

I have been a preferred customer since November 2007, I enjoy the products, I know what I am getting, I have gotten quite a few free items, I found products I can trust, and everything is guaranteed. If I don’t like it, no questions asked.

The only requirements are: the yearly membership fee (less than $30) which is lower than warehouse store memberships and minimum product point order monthly. Order once a month and it comes direct to your door. You save time, gas, money, and have more free time.

If you find others who enjoy the products and sign up as customers under you, then you will see a residual income… as long as they order, you see a check…

Think about it. I would love to tell you more.

Contact me for more information.



November 1st – 15th – Enroll for $1

$1 enrollment for Melaleuca membership. Join for $1, purchase 35 product points per month, and get $100 in free product to try… all 100% guaranteed.

Where else do you get that type of offer?

Do you want to know more? Do you want to try the products?

Let me know. You will be surprised. They are awesome!

100% guarantee

All products are 100% guaranteed. Where else do you get that benefit? Skin care – you try it and break out – done. Eco-friendly products – you don’t feel they do the job – done. Supplements – they don’t do the trick – done. Who else makes that offer?

You CAN shop from home

Products are safe for family, pets, and the environment.

As a preferred customer, you get $100 free product and you earn credit for being a loyal customer.

Have your products delivered to your door and feel good knowing the products are safe and healthy… and 100% guaranteed.

What more could you ask for?


$29 membership
30-40% off products
100% guarantee
Free product
Sign up customers, earn money
They shop at home, you do your own thing…

Strong company

The CEO has been in charge since day 1, 26 years ago.

Reorder rate 96%.

Products 100% guaranteed.

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