Summer soap scent


summer 2012 pink grapefruit body bar

Try a summer scent – The Pink Grapefruit Body Bar.


All Natural Cleaner

Have you ever tried to get out heavy-duty stains? Like Soda or nail polish or permanent marker?

As a full-strength product, you can remove just about anything.

As a diluted product, you can use this to clean everyday items, and for regular cleaning.

As diluted, you can also spray into the air as a deodorizer, to eliminate odors, not cover them up.

This product is natural and environmentally-friendly. Itr does not contain ammonia, bleach or other harmful chemicals.

The best part – you don’t have to worry about wearing gloves or making sure there is enough air flow. It’s completely safe, 100% guaranteed, and has a fresh smell.

Membership Specials

New customers must enroll by July 20th and place their order anytime during the month to get the $1 price. The regular Membership fee is $29.

Hosting a Giveaway to Promote

I will be hosting a giveaway, to introduce people to some great products, natural-bases, and environmentally friendly.

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