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Tastefully Simple offers you great foods, awesome ideas, and even the opportunity to run your own business.

I would love to tell you more about how you can earn money, meet new people, and have fun doing it.

Tell me, who doesn’t like food???

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More time for moms

Moms can always use more time… for themselves, for their family, for their kids. They can also use more income, while having more time. What more could you want, but to get it all in one place… from your own home? Just by referring customers and promoting the products you love.

Time freedom allows you to create your own schedule and make adjustments as necessary. Most corporate america jobs do not allow for that type of flexibility. Today, there are thousands of parents who sacrifice so much time with their children, in order to work and earn. With that thinking, we don’t feel there is any other option.

Moms all over North America would rather spend their quality time with their children than sitting in the office, but it’s difficult to see any other way of life. Flexibility is something they want, along with a viable income, and something that will  help them for years to come. That is where Melaleuca company comes in – no other company offers the sort of flexibility and financial reward. For that reason, Melaleuca has become a chance for so many moms to get out of the rat race and spend time with their children. For those thousands of moms, Melaleuca has given them a way to nurture their families, accomplish their goals, contribute to their family incomes and much more.

$1 Memberships – Back again – Limited Time

$1 membership fee through March 31st.

Join for $1, place a 35pp order and start on your path to wellness.

Each month you place a qualifying order, you earn back.

Check it out.

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and Diabetic

Favorite products

I am a divorced, full-time single mom. I work full-time and go to school full-time. I don’t have a whole lot of free time.

I shop Melaleuca at least once a month. I buy the regular stuff, such as dish soap, laundry soap, body wash, etc. Most of it, I don’t need to buy each month because of the concentrated formulas. When I don’t need those, I buy the fiber drink (so yummy), the access bars (for in-between energy boosts), and even the vitamins, to help me keep on track.

Their products are made locally and are 100% guaranteed. Everything they have to offer has a benefit to those who use them. I have been a customer since 2007, so I am not new to this product. Our house is full of these different items and I love the way they work, and how they are delivered to my front door.

I learned of these products while my son and I were in the martial arts, training. I started with the vitamins and was able to cut back on the medications I was taking. I felt good. I then supplemented with the Access bars and Sustain sports drinks. These products helped me to be the best I could and kept me energized. They were affordable… they tasted awesome… and they are 100% guaranteed.

To this day, I use many of the 350+ products in my home, from vitamins to cleaning products. It’s amazing what these products can do.

Join, try, enjoy! YOU will also find your favorite products.

In uncertain times… residual income…

A Melaleuca business can provide you with residual income throughout your life.

More than 3/4 of the compensation that Melaleuca pays out to Marketing Executives is given in the form of residual income—which are commissions paid to Marketing Executives for the purchases made by Customers withinin their organizations. Melaleuca’s residual income opportunity is a part of what makes The Wellness Company® unlike anything else in the world.

Residual income, simply stated, is income that comes in to you month after month and year after year with nominal ongoing effort from you. Through a Melaleuca business, you can establish a residual income foundation that will continue to reward you throughout your life.

Thousands of Marketing Executives across North America have done just that and are reaping the rewards of their own Melaleuca businesses. Here are a few stories from Marketing Executives who share how and why their incomes are enhancing their lives.

Ask me how you can earn a residual income… just by referring customers to our products.

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