New Hot Cereals – Simply Fit™

Wake up and start your day in a natural, healthy way.

Simply Fit Hot Cereal uses natural whole flax seed meal and whole grains. There are no preservatives, chemical additives, cholesterol, or trans fats.

These new cereals are low-fat and low-sodium, providing 34 grams of whole grain in every bowl. These whole grains promote digestive health and may help reduce the risk of heart disease. One serving of this cereal gives you 2 of the 3 recommended daily servings of whole grains. This also helps support cardiovascular and overall health with an excellent source of ALA omega-3†, and gives you lasting energy and satisfaction with balanced nutrients, like 5 grams of fiber and protein, that help you maintain a healthy weight.


Immune Complex Drink Packets

New Drink Packets …. Activate-C Immune Complex

Melaleuca’s Activate-C contains proven natural ingredients that help rejuvenate and refresh your immune system, increase your defenses, and help you.

Activate-C is available in convenient, take-anywhere pouches that mix up quickly and deliciously—perfect for those who dislike swallowing pills. The flavor is Orange Blast and each box contains 20 packets.

Weight loss and athletic gain

Melaleuca provides vitamin & mineral combinations that help out body absorb the necessities and protect our systems. It also offers meal-replacement products and athletic performance products.
There is so much to offer since today, more than ever, our health and wellness means so much.

The Vitamins & Minerals Changed my Outlook

As a person on medication for anxiety and mood-disorders, my days seems gray and I had no energy.

In November 2007, I started taking the vitamins and minerals routinely. Figuring they were just like all the others, I did not expect anything new and unusual.

Within a few months, I was able to notice a difference. I felt different, in all senses of the word.

I can honestly say that I was noticing a difference and I felt so good.

It wasn’t just a coincidence.