New Hot Cereals – Simply Fit™

Wake up and start your day in a natural, healthy way.

Simply Fit Hot Cereal uses natural whole flax seed meal and whole grains. There are no preservatives, chemical additives, cholesterol, or trans fats.

These new cereals are low-fat and low-sodium, providing 34 grams of whole grain in every bowl. These whole grains promote digestive health and may help reduce the risk of heart disease. One serving of this cereal gives you 2 of the 3 recommended daily servings of whole grains. This also helps support cardiovascular and overall health with an excellent source of ALA omega-3†, and gives you lasting energy and satisfaction with balanced nutrients, like 5 grams of fiber and protein, that help you maintain a healthy weight.


Business Incentive – $1 membership happening right now

From January 1 – January 18, 2012
Join Melaleuca for $1.00
You just need to place your first month’s 35pp (product point) order
before January 31st and you only pay the $1.

Once you join and place your regular monthly 35pp orders, you will be eligible to try free product, and earn bonus dollars, to be used on future orders also.

And then… when you sign up another preferred customer, you start earning the “residual income”.

Your membership comes with a packet of materials, talking about the company and the products, along with how to sign up new customers and how to turn your healthy shopping into additional income.

People have done it.

The company is based in the US and the products are also manufactured in the US.

And we reached our $1 million dollars sales figure.

Join the team… Contact me to learn more.
Trish Bakalars, Independent Marketing Executive

Half-Price Membership Dec 1-15, 2011

Sign up as a Preferred Customer (PC) between December 1st and 15th, and then place your first 35 product point order before the end of December and get your membership for $14.50 (half-off the regular $29 cost)

That’s all there is to it.

As me how.

Weight loss and athletic gain

Melaleuca provides vitamin & mineral combinations that help out body absorb the necessities and protect our systems. It also offers meal-replacement products and athletic performance products.
There is so much to offer since today, more than ever, our health and wellness means so much.

$29 membership fee

Gets you so much.
Discount on vitamins & minerals.
Sports supplements
Household products
Shopping discounts
Beauty & bath products
And more…
And even eco-friendly…

Sport drink that competes

Melaleuca Sustain Sport vs. Popular sports drinks
Fewer calories
Fewer carbs
Twice as many electrolytes
Less plastic bottle waste
Only about 1/2 the cost, per 16 FL oz.

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