Dish soap

Did you know there are caustic chemicals in dishwashing soap? Have you ever wondered why your hands dry out? Why do we need us to safety locks with kids around? Have you also noticed that no one announces how many kids get sick from ingesting dish soap? Why put your family at risk? Check Melaleuca…


Let me tell you…

I am working to build my Melaleuca business.
This is a company that is on the Inc 500 list and is a source of residual income for so many people.
There truly is no catch. (Honest, let me tell you…)
You sign up as a preferred customer and change how you shop. You shop from the catalog and place your order either on-line or by phone.
The products are manufactured in the factory in Idaho, so they are made in America. The products ship to your door, from the factory, in only a matter of days of placing the order.
Products are 100% guaranteed. You also get $100 in free product, as our way of thanking you for being a customer.
The products are eco-friendly and don’t contain harmful chemicals.
But… THE BEST PART IS… you refer customers and then earn residual income. The customers sign up under you and then, with every order they place, you receive a percentage to your own mailbox.
Just think – sending you money, for showing customers awesome products and helping them change how they shop. You can’t go wrong.
No Inventory
No Orders
No Battling Stores and Parking Lots
100% guarantee
Free product… and keep earning more free product.

Peace of mind

No chlorine, no ammonia, no caustic chemicals, concentrated, less waste. Do you want peace of mind?

Get permanent black marker off



A customer with a 3-year old had an encounter with furniture and permanent marker. See the before and after photos.

Four types of wellness to be achieved

By being melaleuca, we can obtain four types of wellness: physical, personal, financial, and environmental. Live longer and healthier. Achieve balance in personal and family life. Secure your financial freedom. Make environments and homes safer. All with one company.

No chlorine bleach

The laundry whitener, Melabrite 6x, DOES NOT contain chlorine bleach, which eats away at your laundry and contains a caustic chemical.

Why have dangerous chemicals in the house if you don’t need to?