Gift baskets

For fundraisers, I have done sample gift baskets, travel kit gift baskets, and even pampering gift baskets. How cool to give a gift with a natural base?!


Customer first and then spread the word

With this company, you can be a customer, try the products, use the products, and then refer these to your friends and family. This company provides natural products and a 100% guarantee. No inventory, no collecting orders, no deliveries… Customers shop from the comfort of their home and deliveries come right to them. Also, what other company gives you free products just for being a loyal customer? Let me share this opportunity with you.

Sample Giveaway

Would you like to try natural products? I have some samples to give away, so you can try these items. Quantities are limited for this giveaway. Please leave a comment with a link to reach you and then I will get your mailing info. Enjoy!

Hosting a Giveaway to Promote

I will be hosting a giveaway, to introduce people to some great products, natural-bases, and environmentally friendly.

Please leave a comment for me and how I can reach you, to get your information.