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I am a divorced, full-time single mom. I work full-time and go to school full-time. I don’t have a whole lot of free time.

I shop Melaleuca at least once a month. I buy the regular stuff, such as dish soap, laundry soap, body wash, etc. Most of it, I don’t need to buy each month because of the concentrated formulas. When I don’t need those, I buy the fiber drink (so yummy), the access bars (for in-between energy boosts), and even the vitamins, to help me keep on track.

Their products are made locally and are 100% guaranteed. Everything they have to offer has a benefit to those who use them. I have been a customer since 2007, so I am not new to this product. Our house is full of these different items and I love the way they work, and how they are delivered to my front door.

I learned of these products while my son and I were in the martial arts, training. I started with the vitamins and was able to cut back on the medications I was taking. I felt good. I then supplemented with the Access bars and Sustain sports drinks. These products helped me to be the best I could and kept me energized. They were affordable… they tasted awesome… and they are 100% guaranteed.

To this day, I use many of the 350+ products in my home, from vitamins to cleaning products. It’s amazing what these products can do.

Join, try, enjoy! YOU will also find your favorite products.


Thank you to my followers

I would like to thank those of you who are following this blog.

My goal on this is to spread the word about Melaleuca and the benefits it can offer, as a customer, along with free product, 100% guarantee, and even the possibility of residual income, just for referring others as customers.

I found that once I had been using the products and found that they are good, they work just as well, if not better than store brands, they break down to lower cost… and they are delivered to my doorstep, it made it all a little more inviting. I go online, shop, use my loyalty dollars to get additional free things (loyalty dollars are accumulated with each other and then can be used to purchase more free merchandise). This is after we get the $20 free products for the first 5 months of being a customer, once you place your first 35 point order.

I know this is a lot of information, but we have converted most of our house over to use these products… and, living in the midwest, having it delivered to my door sure beats having to run to the store for dish soap when it’s 0-degrees outside!!

I want to, once again, thank those of your who have hopped by to follow my posts.

I would also like to refer you to my “other site:

This site, talks about Melaleuca, Tastefully Simple, and some of my crafts I make.

Please stop by to visit and say Hi. I would love to be able to spread the word about so many opportunities out there.

Dish soap

Did you know there are caustic chemicals in dishwashing soap? Have you ever wondered why your hands dry out? Why do we need us to safety locks with kids around? Have you also noticed that no one announces how many kids get sick from ingesting dish soap? Why put your family at risk? Check Melaleuca…

Let me tell you…

I am working to build my Melaleuca business.
This is a company that is on the Inc 500 list and is a source of residual income for so many people.
There truly is no catch. (Honest, let me tell you…)
You sign up as a preferred customer and change how you shop. You shop from the catalog and place your order either on-line or by phone.
The products are manufactured in the factory in Idaho, so they are made in America. The products ship to your door, from the factory, in only a matter of days of placing the order.
Products are 100% guaranteed. You also get $100 in free product, as our way of thanking you for being a customer.
The products are eco-friendly and don’t contain harmful chemicals.
But… THE BEST PART IS… you refer customers and then earn residual income. The customers sign up under you and then, with every order they place, you receive a percentage to your own mailbox.
Just think – sending you money, for showing customers awesome products and helping them change how they shop. You can’t go wrong.
No Inventory
No Orders
No Battling Stores and Parking Lots
100% guarantee
Free product… and keep earning more free product.

Join in July – Get a bonus

Join during July and get a Melaleuca-product first aid kit, including antibiotic ointment, anti-itch medicine, ibuprofin, and much much more. This is above and beyond the $100 free product.
Contact me and ask me how.

Membership benefits

Look and feel better
Peace of mind
Safer home
Clean home
Concentrated products
Power of nature
Real solutions to big health concerns
And over 350 products
To shop from home

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