About Me

This is Me...

I am a full-time single mom of one child. I have worked a full-tine job as long as I can remember (How about right out of high school). I am now working two jobs and going back to school, not to mention finding time for my son.

In November 2007, I was introduced to an opportunity that seemed so easy. I looked into and read every piece of material on it. It seemed too good to be true, but I have seen it work.

I have pondered over it in my mind, all this time. I want to pursue my dream, but I am afraid. I am afraid to take the first BIG step… just like learning to walk.

I have put together and committed to business items, I have made those promotional purchases, and now I am here, to share my interest with you.

Speaking from experience, this does not have to start out as a business venture for anyone. The first step is to merely change how and where you shop, which is what I have been doing for over two years.

Just take a look at how you shop and think about saving money, shopping at one store, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and earning free merchandise.

And there is nothing to lose.

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