In uncertain times… residual income…

A Melaleuca business can provide you with residual income throughout your life.

More than 3/4 of the compensation that Melaleuca pays out to Marketing Executives is given in the form of residual income—which are commissions paid to Marketing Executives for the purchases made by Customers withinin their organizations. Melaleuca’s residual income opportunity is a part of what makes The Wellness Company® unlike anything else in the world.

Residual income, simply stated, is income that comes in to you month after month and year after year with nominal ongoing effort from you. Through a Melaleuca business, you can establish a residual income foundation that will continue to reward you throughout your life.

Thousands of Marketing Executives across North America have done just that and are reaping the rewards of their own Melaleuca businesses. Here are a few stories from Marketing Executives who share how and why their incomes are enhancing their lives.

Ask me how you can earn a residual income… just by referring customers to our products.


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